Sex Scandal Rocks ICC

find geneva; color: rgb(51, visit 51, 51);” _mce_style=”font-size: small; line-height: 200%; font-family: verdana, geneva; color: #333333;”>In a statement seen by Chimpreports on Saturday (April 13),

ICC says it has “a zero tolerance policy towards any form of sexual abuses and

is handling these allegations with great rigor and caution.”

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justify;line-height:200%” _mce_style=”margin-bottom: .0001pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 200%;”>“The allegations concerned were promptly communicated by the

ICC to the relevant national authorities,” the statement reads in part.

“Before opening the inquiry, appropriate actions were taken


by the ICC to ensure the safety, security and well-being of the four

individuals, in addition to supplementary measures aiming at providing

reinforced psychological and medical support and legal assistance.”

The President of the Assembly of States Parties, Ambassador

Tiina Intelmann stated she was “deeply disturbed” about such allegations and

thus noted the opening of the internal inquiry, as well as the different

actions and measures taken by the Court so far.

The development raises queries on the integrity of ICC staff

and the safety of female witnesses at the court.

Speaking from Washington D.C. President Intelmann stated “On

behalf of the 122 members of the Assembly, the governing body with management

oversight responsibilities over the Court, I wish to highlight that States

Parties are extremely concerned that Court staff may have been involved in such

abominable acts.”

Intelmann added: “In order to ascertain the facts and

establish the requisite responsibilities, States Parties expect the Court to

undertake, in an expeditious manner, a robust investigation with an appropriate

level of transparency, in accordance with the relevant normative framework.


office has been in regular contact with the most senior officials of the Court,

who have stressed that the Court has a zero tolerance policy towards any form

of sexual abuses and who have assured me that the allegations have thus been

handled with the utmost rigor and in a manner fully consistent with the

provisions of the Rome Statute system.”

The President further maintained the Bureau, a 21 member body

which assists the Assembly in the discharge of its functions, awaits

information from the Court on the inquiry it has announced and will remain

actively seized of the matter, as well as consider possible future steps, as


The ICC said the internal inquiry is aimed at establishing

the facts underlying the allegations and fairly determining any possible


“The results of this inquiry will be reported to the ICC

Judges and relevant parties to the proceedings concerned. Ensuring the safety

and security of victims and witnesses is one of the most important duties of

the Court and a cornerstone of fair trials.

The Court is profoundly concerned

by these grave allegations and is fully addressing this matter by taking all

appropriate actions to ensure accountability and fairness.”

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