Uganda Street Children Number Rises By 70 Percent

see geneva;”>With an estimation of 100 million street children in the whole world, try the increasing number of street children day in and day out is attributed to several reasons.

Information from Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) indicates that over 16 new children join the Kampala streets every day. “In Soroti, there are 200 children leaving on the streets, 216 in Mbale and 97 in Jinja district.”

It is also specified that most of the children on the streets of Kampala are from Napak district specifically from the areas of Matany, Lopeei, Liriri, Ngolereit, and Otome sub counties.

The majority are said to be orphans under the care of step mothers, or are school drop outs from very poor families, some were abandoned by their families, or subjected to abuse and also indentified to be from very large families.


According to ANPPCAN, an organization that caters for children’s rights, there are individuals and groups that are trafficking children for economic benefits. In exchange they remit a monthly fee of shs 20,000 to the sending family.

“These individuals and groups have worked out special routes that in some cases involve walking through bushes to avoid the check points in Katakwi. They then reconcile with vehicles which pick them on agreed points and are later taken for exploitation,” reports ANPPCAN.

Some traders in Kampala who spoke to Chimpreports on April 13, attributed shortage of food, poverty in homes, peer pressure, harsh environment the surge in number of street kids.

Sarah Atim, a stationery dealer in Kikuubo said the kids are forced to leave their home villages due to several reasons such as need for money, entertainment and good standards of living especially the youths.

Despite the reasons that force these kids to town, they are subjected to harsh environment such as being vulnerable to physical attacks which negatively impact their lives.

Some (girls) are defiled and raped at the same time; they lack enough food, sleep in dirty places and lack health services.

However, in order to control this act, the government has put in place a permanent road block just out of Katakwi on Soroti road to check whether vehicles are illegally ferrying Karamojong children to Kampala.

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