Police Block Lukwago, Taxi Drivers Meeting

patient geneva;”>Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, side effects Andrew Felix Kaweesi told Lukwago that he had called many taxi stakeholders to meet him at an inconvenient place.”

He instead advised Lukwago to meet the taxi drivers “another day and in a more suitable place.”

The Lord Mayor had called this meeting to address the way forward for the taxi stakeholders after High Court ruled in their favor, ordering Kampala City Council Authority to stop collecting the monthly Shs 120,000 fee from them.

Lukwago has however, postponed the meeting to Tuesday (April 16) to meet in the Community Hall at Kampala City Hall unlike the former venue which was at The Mayor’s Garden.


He said he will invite over 320 people to attend the postponed meeting including two representatives from taxi operating associations, ten directors from KCCA and the Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi to discuss on how much should be paid by the tax drivers and on how to effectively manage transportation in Kampala.

Kampala High Court Judge Benjamin Kabiito on Thursday ordered KCCA to stop collecting Shs 120,000 from taxi owners as a monthly fee after they filled a case through their lawyers Matovu and Matovu Advocates. He agreed with petitioners that the fee was exploitative and illegal.

Meanwhile, taxi owners are demanding that KCCA returns all the money it had collected from them. Kabiito had ordered KCCA not to refund any money and for each party to cater for their own costs incurred during the case.

“If KCCA is to refund all the money they had collected from the taxi drivers, this would cause a financial crisis,” said Judge Kabiito.

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