Kajoba: Williamson Ignored His Assistants

this site cheap geneva;”>The Cranes goalkeeper trainer who is also coach of Premier League side Simba FC told that although he does not think Bobby was a bad man, link he simply did not understand why the Scotsman made decisions unilaterally.

Kajoba explained that in the five years that Williamson has been Cranes coach, he did not take his assistants opinion and his methods were routine. “I found his failure to listen to assistants very unprofessional because we actually know Ugandan players better than him,” explained Kajoba.

The former Cranes goalkeeper, who refused to reveal details about a particular match where Williamson failed to listen to his assistants, said Bobby once blundered and refused to listen to advice about which goalkeeper was mentality fit to handle a match that Uganda eventually lost.

However, Williamson’s former first assistant Jackson Mayanja refused to fault his ex-boss but added that Bobby’s word was always final. “I cannot say he was a bad Coach, when we failed we failed together and when we won it was also as a team. Yes it was up to him to take our advice or not because the final word rested in his hands,” Mayanja who is a former Cranes attacking midfielder who also played professional football in Egypt in the early 1990s said.


Attempts to get Williamson’s reaction to the allegations failed as the Scotsman’s phone went unanswered.

And in a related development, FUFA has said the assistants Mayanja, Kajoba and veteran Leo Adraa will remain in-charge of the Cranes for the foreseeable future.

“We shall continue to receive applications from coaches all over the world, but the assistants will remain in-charge till we make a decision,” the FA Head of Communication, Rogers Mulindwa stated.

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