Enraged MPs Blast Kadaga Over “Marriage and Divorce Bill”

cure http://conocity.eu/wp-includes/simplepie/rating.php geneva;”>Kadaga, pharm who is first female speaker and viewed by the male-dominated Parliament as favouring the passing of the Bill, cheap read the proposed legislation for debate on Thursday.

Members quickly turned chaotic.

The Minister of Justice Kahinda Otafirie who was supposed to make the second reading of the bill asked for more time. He said the public was not fully enlightened on the clauses in the bill.

Realizing that Parliament was heading for a stormy session, Kadaga emotionally said MPs were ignorant of the bill and deferred the debate for three more months.


The House, however, got more wild especially male MPs led by Dokolo legislator Felix Okot Ogong who shouted: “We are not ignorant about the Bill.”

Speaking shortly after the chaotic plenary session, Florence Mutyabulye, the Woman MP for Namutumba said she was very happy about more time given since two weeks was not enough for them to explain the bill to their electorates in their vast constituencies.

“I am very happy with that extension and I will utilize that time to explain to my people again before I return with a comprehensive answer.”

She added her electorates even asked for the bill to be translated in local languages for them to easily internalize.

However, Raphael Magyezi, the Igara West County MP described the extension as a “complete waste of time since it is clear nobody wants the bill.”

Magyezi said he sent to his constituency ten copies of the bill weeks before he reached the ground for his voters to read and internalize every item.

“I reached my constituency when my members were aware of everything in the bill and they all said that they don’t want it and time should not be wasted on it.”

He claimed to have been grilled on why the government was poking its nose in people’s bedroom matters.

He warned Kadaga against describing MPs as “ignorant.” “The Speaker must control her language,” he noted.

The National Youth MP Monica Amoding accused the media and her fellow MPs of bias in the discussing the Bill.

“The members and you media have been concentrating only on four contentious clauses when the bill is having 178 clauses,” she noted.

Introduced to Parliament early this year, the bill has since kicked up dust in Parliament especially on clauses that touch marriage such as marital rape; cohabitation being considered marriage; and distribution of properties and bride price.

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