Mushega Named In Sh21bn Donor Funds Row

shop http://davenportchiropractic.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-forecast/wp-forecast-check.php geneva;”>The Vice Chairperson Budget and Finance Committee of the National Consultative Forum (NCF), http://dancehallarena.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-plugin/bws_menu/product_list.php Apollo Nyabongo has accused Mushega of conniving with a host of top government shots to block $8m of donor funding to opposition political parties.

“Government is using different leaders of the NCF, such as Sam Rwakoojo and Amanya Mushega to refuse the $8m donor funds that are aimed at helping political parties in their activities,” said Nyabongo.

The National Consultative Forum was formed to support political parties cope with challenges in a growing democracy.

Contacted, Mushega said: “If that is what he said, then it is absolute nonsense. That’s all I can say.”


The former education minister has in the past been accused of conspiring to quit opposition for NRM to take over the East African Affairs Ministry left vacant by the departure of Hon Eriya Kategaya.

He has since refused to confirm or refute the allegations.

“We do not know why Mushega is part of this group. May be he has been brainwashed by government,” said Nyabongo.

Nyabongo further said some donors intended to release a separate 500,000 Euros to fund political parties “but government is sabotaging this project.”

“I would like to condemn government of its continued efforts to cripple political parties in Uganda,” he told journalists at Melting Pot in Kampala on Thursday.

Nyabongo said instead of the government helping political parties to build up their strength is instead working to “kill them” and disorganize their leadership.

He said government doesn’t want political parties to be funded by the foreign countries and yet it would be the only source of funding for a democratic process in the country.

Government has in the past warned “foreign agents” against sending money to opposition parties, accusing them of conspiring to subversive activities.

Nyabongo said parties have tried to lobby for these funds from the donors and are not ready to lose this project.

Under the name, USAID Uganda Political Parties Competitive Program, the project is aimed at building the capacities of political parties to compete favorably during electoral processes in the country by sensitizing the public on different issues of national interest.

Nyabongo has also blamed the government of signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the Communist Party of China, saying, “this is just aimed at entrenching dictatorship in the country since China is known as a country that has poor democracy.”

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