Uganda Invites M23, DRC For Peace Talks

physician geneva; color: #3f4044;”>The Facilitator of the negotiations, more about Uganda Defence Minister Dr Crispus Kiyonga, sildenafil has issued invitations to the DRC Government delegation and the M23 representatives to return to Kampala.

“This is intended to re-start the dialogue that adjourned for consultations a week before Easter holiday,” said Kiyonga in a Thursday press statement seen by Chimpreports.

Kiyonga requested the delegations to return to Kampala by April 5, 2013, “so that the Peace talks resume on 6th April 2013.”

The statement comes against the backdrop of reports that DRC is positioning troops near M23 territories.


“Through our intelligence we learnt that the Congolese government plans to attack our bases,” said Bisiimwa on Thursday.

He further added that any attack on the M23-held territory would attract maximum response from the mutineers.

“The M23 are disappointed with the way the Kinshasa government is trying to seek a solution to the problems,” said Bisiimwa.

The UN “Intervention Brigade” comprising forces from Tanzania, South Africa and

Mozambique is expected to be deployed in DRC starting April 20.

The fighting between M23 broke out last year with rebels capturing several towns near the Ugandan border.

They later launched fresh attacks thus seizing Goma, Rutshuru and Sake among other towns.

M23 rebels threatened to march to Kinshasha only to be stopped by the international community.

The combatants pulled out of Goma before starting peace talks in Kampala.

The negotiations were disrupted by an internal rebellion in M23 that saw warlord Bosco Ntaganda’s men defeated and pushed across the Rwandan border.

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