Mao Warns DP Against Besigye, Suspends Publicist

viagra approved http://contentisbae.com/wp-includes/http.php geneva; color: #222222;”>The form of indiscipline that was portrayed by the deputy spokesperson of the party, physician http://comotenerunabuenaereccion.com/wp-admin/includes/edit-tag-messages.php Kenneth Paul Kakande when he rubbished the decision of the NEC not to have any UYD election is totally unacceptable and a great disappointment to the party.

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Kakande will no longer enjoy the privileges of addressing the media on behalf of the party every Tuesday as it has been until further notice but he will still remain the deputy spokesperson.

The faction that is intending to organize the UYD election on 4th April must know that this will not happen and whoever shall involve in the ‘elections’ will have sought for an exit out of the party.

The faction of 8 NEC members includes Kenneth Kakande, Sulaiman Kidandala, Brenda Nabukenya, Sam Muyizi, William Kamulegeya.


Whoever has been captured on cameras with the 4GC pressure group should stand warned. Otherwise strong drastic measures are to be imposed on them.

DPC James Ruhweza with other officers outside DP head quarters

Most people believe the only way to enter Parliament is by moving on the streets with Col. Besigye so as to win the public attention.

DP is not just a ticket to power but asset of beliefs and so if some people are not contended with the decisions of NEC, they should rather part company with the party.

8:30am: Police have deployed heavily at the opposition Democratic Party (DP) headquarters in Kampala as internal wrangles threaten to tear the political organization apart.

The party’s youth wing, Uganda Young Democrats (UYD), last month split into two hostile factions over allegations of financial impropriety.

According to Kampala Central Police Station boss James Ruhweza, security forces were brought “to stop thugs from raiding DP offices.”

“We were invited to maintain law and order here. So we are doing our job,” added Ruhweza.

A section of UYD accuses party deputy publicist Kenneth Kakande, MP Brenda Nabukenya and Deputy Kampala Mayor Suleiman Kidandala of “being used by FDC President Col Kizza Besigye to destroy the party.”

UYD President Siranda Gerald Blacks accuses Kakande of usurping their powers and denying them “room to fully run the youth wing.”

This followed reports of a secret plan to hold elections of UYD Executive at Mandela National Stadium on April 4.

Siranda says “these elections are organized by unknown people masquerading around as UYD leaders.”

“These masqueraders are just trading their own agenda, undermining the decision of the NEC that was taken during the DP NEC meeting that UYD is integrated as the official youth wing of the party and their aim is to kill the Democratic Party by weakening its youth structure,” he added.

“This was duly executed with the elections of the new interim UYD executive on October 10, 2012 of which I am the President.”

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