Archbishop Lwanga Blasts Kaweesi Over Human Rights Abuses

rx geneva;”>Leaders from various regions in central Uganda left their respective centers early in the morning and took part in the trek in massive processions through various city streets and later converged at Old sickness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kampala play ground for the main event.

The venue was decided in the final hours of the preparations, following an unprecedented closure of Nakivubo stadium by Uganda Revenue Authority early this week, which was the initial officially planed venue.

Officiating at the occasion was Catholic Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who extended his unrelenting call for reforms by government institutions.

Akin to several previous weeks, Kizito hinted on the danger that lurks in the near future if the legislative arm of government adamantly proceeds to pass the contested Marriage and divorce bill in its current status, calling for more amendments to it.


“As members of the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC), we have written to the speaker of parliament calling for alteration of first of all the title of the bill; from Marriage and Divorce Bill to Marriage and Family Bill,” he said, adding that “People don’t enter into the institution of marriage to divorce, but rather to stay together as family”.

His Grace also blasted Article 7 and 129 (1) d of the bill which proclaims Uganda as a secular state and don’t recognize Christian religious marriage tribunals respectively.

“The bill is meant to affect each and every one of us and I think that all of us as stake holders should be comprehensively engaged in its determination.”

The Archbishop commended the efforts of president Museveni and other sections of government that have ensured that the Bill has not been passed so far, pending consultative meetings with the citizens of Uganda, adding that this should be the way to go with other Bills too.

Present at the function were top officials and government representatives including DP’s Paul Semwogerere, Uganda Police’s Andrew Felix Kaweesi, and General Elly Tumwiine among others.

To the police boss, His Grace the Archbishop decried the inhumane manner in which his force continues to handle citizens accused of criminality during arrest and interrogation exercises, as is always shown by the media.

He said that in foreign countries where he has been visiting recently, domestic animals are handled with more dignity than any Ugandan going through the current national criminal justice system.

“All of us here are potential prisoners only that some of us including you (Kaweesi) have not been arrested. It is imperative therefore to appreciate that convicts and suspects at your police stations ought to be handled in the very way that you would want to be handled when your turn comes,” he said amidst ecstatic applauses from the crowd.

He also narrated incidences on one of his recent visits to Luzira Prisons where several inmates who have been on remand for years without trial, pleaded with him to seek on their behalf intervention from government and other organizations into their plight.

Various sections of the procession were seen carrying placards with such statements as “No To Corruption, we want Action,” “No To Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) Bill,” “A national Peace Policy is a gift for Uganda,” amongst others.

Anglican Archbishop elect His Eminence Stanly Ntagali, Namirembe Archdiocese Bishop Kityo Luwalira, Archbishop Yona Lwanga of the Orthodox church, several monsignors, cannons and bishops all convened at the occasion to commemorate fifty years of the Uganda Joint Christian Council which was incepted in 1963.

Chief speaker Kizito Lwanga commended the achievements both spiritual and financial of the council including a new loan scheme that is geared to alleviate poverty in down town Kampala area.

He also called upon all believers countrywide to embrace unity and peace as living witnesses of the great love of Christ Jesus throughout this entire season of commemorating his passion, death and resurrection.

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