RWANDA: 2 Illegal Miners Killed By Landslide

search geneva;”>The warning follows the death of two people in a closed granite site in Mwulire Sector, Bicumbi Cell, when a shaft collapsed killing them instantly.

The dead bodies were taken to Rwamagana hospital for postmortem.


Police said the two men were mining in the most risky part of the site, which was weakened by torrential rains.

The District Police Commander, Chief Inspector of Police, Richard Rubagumya said it’s the first time a landslide case has been reported in Rwamagana since the beginning of this year.

He said only operational mining sites are in Musha Sector.

Mining is part of the economic activities in the district. Some of the minerals in the district are tin and wolfram.

He urged area residents to desist from such dangerous activities.

He advised them to form mining cooperatives, a prerequisite to be legally recognized and to acquire life insurance and payment of indemnity.

He outlined theft, assault and drug abuse as major crimes registered in the district.

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