Bwanika: Agricultural Sector Must Be Restructured

cost visit geneva;”>Bwanika said NAADS has registered a lot of frustrations in regard to the performance of its programs and the best thing to do is have a general overhaul of the entire Agricultural sector.

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“The Agriculture sector is a major player in Uganda’s economy. It supports close to 70 percent of the livelihoods in the country and contributes 22 percent of its GDP,” he added.

He noted that over years, the agricultural sector has received poor attention with average budget allocation of 2.5 percent which has left the sector struggling.

“This has led to low productivity, depressed markets, rising costs of inputs and low incomes and poor standards of living in the rural areas,” Bwanika said.


He further noted the government should separate the current Ministry of Agriculture into two separate ministries: Ministry of Agriculture (crop) and Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Game.

The politician also suggested the government should re-establish the district farm institutes in every district as demonstration and dissemination centers so as to improve on the knowledge and information by farmers.

He further noted the government should recentralize all aspects of disease control including acaricide drug usage in the country to ensure effectiveness and also develop separate programs to target commercial and subsistence farmers respectively because they both have different needs that need to be handled separately.

Bwanika called upon the President to institute a comprehensive external audit into all major programs including NAADS to ensure value for the lots of money that the country has invested in it.

He emphasized the government should establish a separate ministry to handle Ugandans in the Diaspora because they contribute greatly to the development of this country but they are less considered.

“The constitution should be amended to suit the Ugandans in the Diaspora in the electoral process taking place in Uganda and have them vote for leaders of their choice,” Bwanika said.

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