Ugandan Celebrities Embrace “HIV Bible Movement”

pilule geneva; color: #222222;”>HBM is an organization with a youth against HIV/AIDS initiative started in November 2012 by a group of enthusiastic and creative young people.

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“These young people felt the need to do something about the rising HIV new infection rate in Uganda and came up with this brilliant yet practical and effective idea. The initiative is intended to get the youth (who are tomorrow’s future and leaders) actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda,” says Eddie Mugulusi, Country Director and Author HIV BIBLE.

He added: “As the HBM, we believe that the modern youth benefit more from and in fact prefer hearing and learning about HIV/AIDS and SEX related topics from people their own age as opposed to those a lot older than them as often the case.”


Mugulusi observes given the nature of today’s youth, the initiative is designed to educate them using avenues that they will find interesting the first of which is the HIV BIBLE and so many more that will follow.

The movement focuses on using young people to design entertaining and educative strategies and concepts (about HIV/AIDS and SEX) that will engage their fellow young and in the process all can learn from them the first of which is the HIV BIBLE to be followed by the HIV BOARD GAME.

The Movement could be making a timely intervention as Uganda battles a surge in HIV infections especially among the youth.

Mugulusi further sheds light on the new HIV BIBLE, describing it as a “really entertaining yet very educative must read book written by the founders of the movement for the benefit of primarily their fellow youth and those older than them as a secondary group.”

He says the book takes an interest into the life of today’s modern youth and tells a true story of the life of a young man and how he contracted the HIV virus in the most unbelievable and unsuspecting way. It is an interesting, breathtaking and touching sad story.

“It is a story of love, betrayal, suspense with interesting characters that will keep all glued to it to the very end. Also consisting of detailed chapters on Sex Education, Sexual Networking, Use of Condoms, HIV testing, Relationships, Sex, HIV and pregnancy, STDs and STIs among other key topics, this book brings the reality of HIV/AIDS closer to the people.”

Speaking to Chimpreports on Wednesday, Mugulusi says, “We are young and have risen for a good cause,” adding, “It is not an everyday thing that you see young people joining the fight against HIV/AIDS and if anything they stay clear of such campaigns and leave them for people old enough to be our parents.”

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