Umeme To Miss Charming Publicist, Charlie

sickness geneva;”>Charlie, website like this as she is fondly known, told Chimpreports she chose to quit for a “new and exciting opportunity.”

“It is true I am leaving Umeme. It was fun being with Umeme but I was compelled to take on another job. You will surely like it,” said Charlie.

She further said Umeme had accepted her resignation which takes effect on April 2.

“I thank all for all the support that you have accorded me during my tenure with Umeme,” she noted.


A soft-spoken, intelligent and charismatic Charlie joined Umeme after a stint with UTL.

Her colleagues say she is among the best public relations officers the country has seen.

She is known for having masterminded the most effective PR strategies to restore customer confidence in Umeme and assuage public anger during the stormy 2011 when power outages were at their peak.

Charlie and her colleague Henry Rugambwa also planned the Umeme IPO media campaign that saw the power distributor sell 350 million shares in less than one month.

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