UTAMU Promotes Practical Skill Advancement

approved order geneva;”>The Director, treatment Research and Innovations UTAMU, Dr. Florence Tushabe said Uganda has got a lot of skilled technicians who never got a chance to reach university level and also those university students who get out of school without relevant skills needed in the field.

“This association is to help bring together the practical skills and the formal theoretical skills from university students so as to foster innovations within the country,” she said.

Executive Director UTITA, Andrew Iga

Tushabe added that many technicians lack marketing, negotiation and entrepreneur skills and UTAMU has therefore come out to offer short term courses to these technicians to enhance their development.

She called upon the technicians to hook up with the university students and come up with a way of managing the disposable electronic materials since Uganda does not have a recycling plant as yet and also to design computers which are powered by solar energy.


What is UTITA?

According to Executive Director UTITA, Andrew Iga, it is a registered Association incorporated with a limited liability in the name of Uganda Technicians and Information Technology Limited.

Iga said the association was formed as a result from challenges which were faced by associate members that include difficulties in adoption of new technologies, lack of formal qualifications, and poor working conditions that are causing problems within the service delivery.

He added that the association aims at seeing a successful technical and technologically led Ugandan society and to promote practical skill advancement in Uganda.

Director for Research and Innovations UTAMU, Dr. Florence Tushabe

Iga said the association aims that setting up a model assessment centre for assessing trainee technicians and technologists according to Uganda Vocational qualification frame work.

Some of the students showing their skills

“This will enhance students from different institutions to access our workshops for industrial training and internship so as to adopt necessary skills needed in the field,” he added.

A student demonstrating his Skills

The association also aims at setting up an umbrella organization for technicians and information technologists to have a common goal towards skilling Ugandans.

At the Launch of UTITA

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