Government To Improve Service Delivery

viagra 40mg geneva;”>Addressing journalists at the Media Centre in Kampala, this site the Minister of General Duties, page Prof. Tarsis Bazana Kabwegyere said the policy provides a clear framework for strengthening the coverage, quality and utility of public polices and investments.

“Ugandans want service delivery, quality service, effectively delivered in any sector of life,” said Kabwegyere.

Kabwegyere said the National budget, year after year, has outlined projects and programmes whose implementation should pull Uganda out of backwardness, onto a journey to transformation, modernization and democratization.

He added that the work of transforming Uganda socially, economically and politically involves all Ugandans, each contributing where possible and within his or her means but with different roles and capabilities in all these efforts.


Kabwegyere said the civil service reform has been undertaken to enable and facilitate the implementation of government policies and programmes.

These programmes include transformation and modernization of Agriculture sector, expansion and accessibility of education, improvement and expansion of health services, decentralization for the expansion and effectiveness of service delivery to the population and ensuring peace and security throughout the whole country.

There are also programmes to increase investment and expansion of infrastructure including the generation of power and construction of roads, special efforts in the uplift of areas that were left behind in the process of change such as Karamoja, Northern Uganda and rehabilitation of the Luwero Triangle.

The Public service will implement a stringent management system in which contracts will be based on performance for all civil servants and competence based recruitment.

He said there will be flexibility of financial management, empowering decentralized service delivery units, reviewing and restructuring of the local Government administrative set up, ensure effective monitoring and evaluation.

“The government has worked, is working and will continue to work for improved welfare of Ugandans in a context of a united East Africa, a developed African continent and a peaceful world order,” said Kabwegyere.

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