Kabaka Calls For Conflict Resolution Courses

pharm geneva;”>He said the conflict is being groomed in society right from schools where students are engaged in strikes over trivial matters that ultimately result into loss of lives and property.

“We have witnessed students attacking their leaders in some learning institutions where they force them out of their offices over simple administrative matters. These are true signs of moral degeneration in society. We need to fight all these through conflict management and through counseling and guidance at all levels,” said the Kabaka.

The Kabaka was on Friday morning officiating at the 7th graduation ceremony of Buganda Royal Institute of Business and vocational studies at the main campus in Mengo an event that saw 796 students walk away with certificates and diplomas in various vocational courses.

Mutebi also called upon the ministry to employ career guidance in combating the challenge of negative attitude toward vocational educational courses that still characterizes Ugandan youths today.


“In todays’ competitive world, the youths must be encouraged to study market oriented courses of which business and technical education is one such area able enough to empower our youths to be self-reliant, innovative and employable. These will help them to be easily integrated in the job market,” he said.

Speaking at the occasion, the kingdom Premier, Godfrey Walusimbi unveiled the kingdoms plans to establish vocational institutions at every parish as a means to provide technical and vocational to meet the needs of the community and all local leaders were called upon to take up the initiative.

Principle Wamala Anthony, noted that that the institution had opened up linkages with international colleges including Blackburn college in the UK, and other institutions in Norway and south Africa, through which they would exchange students, staff and teaching g material.

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