Mulago Hospital Launches New TB Ward

viagra sale physician geneva;”>prescription sans-serif;”>State Minister of Health for General Duties, Sarah Kataike Ndoboli said in a bid to curb down tuberculosis among Ugandans, the government of Uganda is ensuring Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) patients receive proper medication to different hospitals including Mulago, Kitgum, and Mbale.

Uganda still struggles with a problem of the killer disease – Tuberculosis.

Doctors at Mulago Hospital cited challenges faced while treating patients such as low human resource capacity. The entire ward has only two doctors and two nurses attending to the bigger number of the MDR patients at the hospital.

Other challenges are insufficient beds and mattresses and lack of nutritious food and entertainment to the patients.


The minister urged the patients at Mulago Referral Hospital to swiftly report the MDR signs to the nearest hospital for treatment.

Some of the signs are constant cough (for two weeks), chest pains, night sweat and loss of weight.

She also called upon the doctors and nurses to give proper medication, care and attention to the patients.

According to World Health Organization TB 2012 report, Uganda is one of the countries with a high TB burden.

“World TB Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the burden of tuberculosis (TB) worldwide and the status of TB prevention and control efforts,” said Kataike.

“On that day, Ugandans will join to celebrate TB Day to create awareness about the epidemic and bolster efforts to wipe the epidemic out of Uganda.”

This year’s theme is “Calling for a world free of TB, under Millennium Development Goal Six,” whose aim is to combat major killer diseases, including TB, by 2015.

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