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BREAKING: 10 Prisoners Escape From Kalisizo Prison

store geneva;”>According to Uganda Prisons Public Relations Officer, remedy Frank Baine, 7 capital offenders and 3 minor offenders on Monday “took off from different direction as staff opened the cells for a daily head count of prisoners.”

Baine told Chimpreports the incident occurred at midday.

“The prisoners took advantage of less staff at the prison because some officials had taken other offenders to court thus escaping. But we will get them. They cannot go very far,” said Baine.

All the escapees are still at large.


Baine admitted the escape was an “eye opener” and an embarrassment to the prisons.

“We shall surely do everything in our means to improve our structures. Our staffing levels are low and we have weaknesses of administration on ground.”

The publicist accepted that it was mistake for capital offenders to be jailed at such a local prison before quickly adding: “These people were supposed to be transferred to Masaka but there were some delays.”

Official records show Uganda has at least 35,000 inmates in different prisons across the country.

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