Burundi Government Pays Tribute To Fallen Marc Barengayabo

symptoms geneva; font-size: small;”>Professor Abbot Marc Barengayabo died at the age of 79, approved at Kamenge University Hospital in Bujumbura, Burundi on Tuesday.

Barengayabo composed Burundian National anthem which was adopted by the group of writers led by Jean-Baptiste Ntahokaja, a Catholic priest. The anthem was first sung at the Burundi’s independence on July 1, 1962.

The deceased was born on August 2, 1934 at Zaga in the commune of Butihinda in Burundi’s North Eastern Province of Muyinga. He obtained his Doctorate in Canon law in Italy In 1973 from where he lectured at the University of Burundi and at the Higher Seminary of Bujumbura since 1975 and retired in 2003.

Mr. Philippe Nzobonariba further described the late as a man who will be remembered by all Burundians for his contribution during the composition of the national anthem.


“History will record that in spite of being a Clerical, Fr. Marc Barengayabo has been an example of dedication with an unwavering commitment to the nation’s culture and its sacred values. ??He was a model of sincere patriotism and sacrifice for the defense of just causes and the supreme interests of its country,” Nzobonariba said in a message posted on the government’s official website.

He further described Marc Barengayabo as a skilled leader who did his work with dedication and self-denial.

“The Government of Burundi implore the Almighty to grant patience and solace to family of the deceased and the ample reward for loyal service to the Catholic Church and his country and welcome him to his vast Paradise.’

Pascal Rwankara, a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Burundi through the Xinhua news described Barengayabo as a great lecturer and a very important figure in Burundi’s history having composed the Burundian anthem during the era of the country’s independence.

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