The Magic Of Balancing Studies And Work

approved geneva;”>According to Asiimwe, help instead of dropping out of school after the death of her parents, or waiting for a good Samaritan to help in through education, she decided to be creative and started up her own business of vending shoes around town.

This has been her source of income and she has managed to study up todate. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Business Studies at Makerere Business Institute (MBI).

Many youths do despise such jobs and look for white collar jobs and at the end of the day, they don’t get any. Yet the chances of getting a job today are minimal. In Uganda over 275,000 youth fail to get jobs every year, so what would be the probability that a person who has dropped out of school at senior four will get a job?

According to last year’s business inquiry report by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), only 2.9m jobs were registered for the period 2010/2011, up to the close of June 2012.


Therefore, to get a job today depends on how the youth is prepared for the job market, one needs to acquire practical skills on top of the transcript. And this can be attained through internship, voluntary work and also being creative to start your own business.

Asimwe told our chimp corp that she started vending shoes in her senior four vacation after the two parent’s death and she has been doing this job for four years now.

She works on the street of Nateete market, where she displays her shoes for customers to buy and these are second hand shoes that range from shs 2,000 to shs 5,000.

She goes for class early in the morning at 8:00 and then leaves at around 3:00pm where she goes home rests and at 5:00pm she heads to kampala streets with her luggage and starts vending shoes.

Asiimwe said she started this job with only shs 15,000 which she used to buy three pairs of shoes from St. Balikudembe market. But today, she earns shs 20,000 per day. However she removes shs 1,000 for tea, shs 2,000 for lunch and remains with shs 17,000 which she saves. At the end of the month she can be having shs 510,000 which she keeps for her tuition.

According to Asiimwe working while studying has helped her balance her way of life and has even motivated her to work harder and make a better future especially for her two siblings who remained in the village after the death of their parents.

On the profits she gets from her business, Asiimwe pays her tuition and that of her siblings. The youngest is in primary four and requires shs 80,000 per term.

She said she has acquired good friends through this business who help her in times of need.

However, every road has its own obstacles, she said her biggest problem she with Kampala Capital Authority (KCCA) officials who confiscate her shoes and she sometimes has to pay a fine to get them. During rainy seasons, she is greatly affected because she works from the streets.

Benefits of studying while working

Today, it is advisable to be competitive, multifunctional, diverse and aggressive in life if one wants to succeed, that is survival of the fittest. So working while studying is practicing what you are learning that is stepping into the professional shoes and apply the knowledge learned right away into the work one is associated with.

It also helps one gain experience of the working field, learn how to manage one finances and decide on the career path you want to pursue. Professionalism also helps in confidence and character building, which are vital for any successful person.

It also helps a student to acquire what to add on his or her CV when applying for jobs in the future. These days, companies do not hire new employees on the basis of their result at college or university alone; they require something more than mere intelligence.

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