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Public To Participate In Budget Making Process

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The budget making process starts at the planning level, budgeting to execution and review within the fiscal calendar, according to the director of budget in the ministry of finance, planning and economic development (MOFPED) Mr.Ocum Genes Karlo.

He further informed the public that currently the various budget sector plans have been submitted to the national legislative assembly(NLA) by the end of February and that by 15,may this year national budget plan, book and appropriation bill will be submitted to the NLA.

The NLA is expected to approve 2013/14 fiscal year budget by 30, June after passing an appropriation act. It should be known that the 2012-13 approved budget totaled to 6.7 billion SSP with majority of funds coming from between the reserves (18%), non-oil revenues (13%), domestic loans (15%) and foreign loans/petroleum and mining concessions (54%).


However officials from the ministry alluded that the economy is currently struggling to pool revenues and that the country is not yet credit worth to be lent by international donor agencies.

Adding that on the positive note government is trying to solicit loans from the IMF/World bank to fund development work.

According to the above source, the state is operating a recurrent budget, where much expenditure is on salaries and administration. Quoting the austerity budget of this fiscal year, salaries took 3billion, 1.3 billion for operating costs and 1.8 billion ssp respectively went to transfers.

Mr. Ocum added that the treasury bills that government acquired from commercial banks never worked out to expectations and that much of the funds to support this year’s budget, have been largely drawn from domestic sources.

Since donors did not commit funds, though directly funding local community projects under the local government service delivery programme (LGSD).

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