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Mafabi In Hot Seat As FDC Walks Tightrope

salve http://demo.des.net.id/hotel/wp-includes/comment-template.php geneva;”>On November 22, purchase http://chios.ro/wp-content/plugins/ubermenu/pro/ubermenu.pro.php 2012, members of FDC elected Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu as the party president replacing Col. Kizza Besigye.

However, on that day, Hon. Nandala Mafabi’s team was not satisfied with the decision made by the electoral commission and so filed a petition.

Team Nandala alleges that there were malpractices in the election process especially by the party’s Secretary General Alice Alaso and the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Dan Mugarura.

The Mafabi camp alleges that Alaso manipulated the voters’ register in favour of Gen Muntu who defeated Mafabi.

Mugarura is also faulted for violating the party Constitution by swearing in Muntu as Party President.


So with this internal ruckus, accusations and rivalry, Sam Njuba, the party’s National Chairman decided to institute a reconciliation committee to purposely carry out an in-depth analysis of how the elections were handled and petitions filed by Mafabi and Ekanya and also resolve all the differences trying to break apart the party.

While addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi on January 28, 2013, Njuba said the commission was his idea. “This committee has been appointed by myself and it is my responsibility not Mafabi’s or Ekanya or Muntu,” said Njuba.

Members of the Reconciliation Commission

It consists of six members Mr. Ladislaus Rwakafuzi as the chairman, Peter Sempala as Secretary and then Steven Okwalinga, Elizabeth Abong, Atanasius Rutaro and Nasser Obore Mudi.

With high hopes in his team, Njuba said after the set period, the committee will present their report to the National Executive Committee.

However, much as how argumentative team Nandala is, Secretary General Alice Alaso, has been able to defend herself over the allegations made against her.

On the day she appeared before the reconciliation commission, she boldly challenged her fiercest enemy Nandala Mafabi and his party presidential campaign strategists to prove she voted five times as stated in the petition against her.

“I need Team Nandala specifically Hon. Nandala Mafabi and his two agents Hon. Aduman and Mr. Okia Atan to own up to various utterances made on Televisions and Etop radio station that I voted five times during the Party Presidential elections at Namboole. I demand a public apology,” she affirmed.

As a precondition from Team Nandala that she should resign as the Secretary General, Alaso said she will not interfere with the process but, “He who seeks equity must do so with clean hands.”

She denied of all the allegations made against her and asked the chief petitioner, Rubaramira Ruranga, who was also Mafabi’s chief strategist, to avail a fully signed copy that bears the signatures of the said 360 and a resolution by which the said 360 agreed to petition. “This to me is very important for purposes of transparency and responsible conduct of leaders who purport to act on behalf of any other person,” she said.

Alaso also defended herself against the allegation of voting by proxy. “The EC and the Party guideline explain proxy voting well. I was not contacted by Hon. Epetait or Hon. Nabila on any matter of voting and I am sure they did not need to do so,” she said.

Meanwhile also the party’s Chief Electoral Commissioner, Dan Mugarura supplemented on Alaso’s response on proxy voting saying that it was resolved by NEC that party delegates in the Diaspora be allowed to vote by proxy.

“When the commission consulted the legal secretary, it was found that denying a proxy vote to delegates outside the country at the time of voting would tantamount to violation of their constitutional right to choose party leaders,” he said.

“Basing on this ground, the Commission had nothing to do but to allow proxy voting. I advise Team Nandala to seek constitutional review on this matter for purposes of future party elections,” added Mugarura.

Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu on the other hand used his day before the reconciliation commission, to call upon the party members to stay united and expunge the image of infighting in the political organization. He told FDC members present at the hearing to focus on the psychological warfare if they want the party to surpass in Uganda.

“President Museveni’s focus point is the psychological warfare to make FDC seem unworthy before the population and not to be invested in,” he said. He added that Museveni’s target is to show how opposition parties are hopeless and cannot manage the country well except NRM which has a ‘stable base’.

He also denied to have called Nandala, a “scam and hypocrite” while addressing a meeting in Nakasongola during the party presidential elections campaigns in 2012. “It is not true that I referred to Hon. Nandala as ‘scam and hypocrite’… I said that if Maj Rtd Rubaramira Ruranga could not prove the allegations he was directing on me, then he would qualify to be a scam and hypocrite,” he said.

The evidence provided by FDC officials discrediting Team Nandala’s petition will surely pile misery on the leader of opposition in Parliament.

Some FDC officials say Mafabi is a bad loser, considering he spent over Shs1bn in the election. Many believe his attacks on Muntu are intended to undermine the retired General’s presidency.

Muntu is equally concerned that Mafabi’s statements paint a picture of a fractured party that demoralizing its supporters.


Nevertheless, Team Nandala insists all the stated accusations in their petition are true and should be worked upon.

They demand the Secretary General and Electoral Commissioner to step down from their current positions until a thorough investigation in the matter is resolved.

They therefore denounce the current party president, Mugisha Muntu and request for fresh presidential polls.

With these issues, the future of FDC, the biggest and strongest opposition party in Uganda seems to be a shaky one.

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