“Public Order” Bill Returns To Parliament

recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>On Wednesday evening, dosage unusually at 7; 00pm, information pills the next item introduced to the remaining and exhausted MPs was the controversial Bill.

The proposed legislations attracted mixed reactions from the MPs, with many, especially from opposition opposing its passing.

Legislators argued the bill was very dangerous to freedoms of expression and association and restricts all fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

The bills criminalize all gatherings, public meetings and assemblies without permission from the Inspector General of Police except for funerals, weddings and church services.


However, a report from the Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee made amendments to the Bill particularly on issues of political assemblies where the report proposes that Political assemblies and other fundamental human rights should not be reserved.

MPs Ken Lukyamuzi, Francis Epetait, Paul Mwiru Alex Ruhunda among others said the Bill not only contravenes international laws but even the Constitution.

Rubaga South MP, John Ken Lukyamuzi said the bill contravenes Article 29 of the Constitution which grants all Ugandans freedom of association, speech and peaceful demonstrations.

Article 29 is in chapter 4 of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution and states; “Every person shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression; freedom to assemble and demonstrate together peacefully; freedom of association which shall include the freedom to form and join associations or union.”

However, Cabinet Ministers Richard Todwong and John Byabagambi say the Bill should be passed into law to deal with errant politicians that organize assemblies and demonstrations in public places simply to disrupt public peace.

The Bill came against the backdrop of opposition-led violent demonstrations in 2011, leading to clashes with security forces.

The riots, under the name, “Walk To Work” led to the death of over 10 people including a 2-year-old Gift Nalwanga in Masaka District.

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