ANALYSIS: Uhuru Kenyatta, The President

case geneva;”>Uhuru won the bitterly contested presidential election with an impressive 50.07% garnering 6, sales 173, website like this 433 votes beating Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Cord coalition.

Uhuru Kenyatta received his certificate from the IEBC National Tallying Centre and saw his security detail swapped with the state security and also given presidential treat.

Uhuru Kenyatta takes over while he faces major Humanitarian crimes at The Hague based ICC. During the presidential campaign Uhuru wooed the Kenyan electorate on performance record.

“My record at the Ministry of Finance is there. When it comes to the issue of transparency and openness in government which is one of the key pillars in our manifesto, my record speaks for itself,” Kenyatta said.


During his manifesto Uhuru promised Kenyans to improve the lives of Kenyans in the next 5 years. In a manifesto dubbed blue print his coalition has a 5 year programmes that are aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans between 2013 and 2017.

Now that Uhuru Kenyatta is the new commander in chief of the Kenya Defense Forces, all eyes are now focused on the campaign promises of uniting Kenya, reducing the ethnicity which is seen as a cancer and a factor that was reflected in the numbers during the just concluded historic election.

Kenyan economy needs to have a leader who pledges to put more energy in ensuring food security, quality education, sports and culture, better health care and empowering youths and women, and Uhuru campaign promised Kenyans that they will work towards alleviating poverty, ignorance and disease which were the main focus 50 years ago.

During his presidential launch on January 12 at the independence grounds, President-Elect Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenya needs visionary leaders who would drive Kenya into the attainment of the goals set forward. He told supporters to pay little attentions to the opinion polls that depicted him as trailing to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

He said, “I thought I would have a people less rally here at Uhuru park after I was surprised to be told by the papers that Nairobi there wasn’t any jubilee supporters.”

Uhuru Kenyatta said that his government will seek to empower youth and the marginalized communities by developing economic stimulus programme to accelerate the developments. Jubilee government shall create employment for the youth through empowering youth and women.

“We need a government that will serve people not people serving the government, The main goal of jubilee coalition is to promote unity and peaceful campaign in this country,” said Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyatta promised Kenyans that jubilee government was fully committed to create jobs for the young people to foster development in the country. He farther called for unity of all Kenyans of all works of life by ending tribalism while he refuted claims that the coming elections shall be marred with violence.

On poverty Uhuru said the jubilee government shall ensure the gap between the rich and poor will be the determiner whether their government is working or not. He urged Kenyans to elect leaders who have a scored card.

He added the time has come when the country needs to be told about the future not the past, which includes proper transport, infrastructure and economy.

Uhuru emphasized that the jubilee alliance is not led by selfish interest but interests of Kenya as a nation. He told off the opponents by asking them to sell their policies and let Kenyans to decide on whom to elect.

Kenya will inaugurate Uhuru Kenyatta as 4th president on 26th March at Kasarani stadium if Raila Odinga does not file a petition.

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