Tough Challenges Ahead For New M23 Leader, Bisimwa

sildenafil pilule geneva;”>Bisimwa, who has since been the rebel outfit’s spokesperson and delegate to the Kampala peace talks, was unveiled to the local and international media during a press conference at their stronghold in Bunagana.

Bisimwa’s appointment comes at a time when the Movement is struggling with an internal rebellion.

Chimp Corps say Bisimwa’s leadership skills will be tested by the outcome of the Kampala peace talks.

Reports indicate M23 would soon be integrated in the FARDC, following negotiations between the Movement’s leader Brig Sultani Makenga and DRC President Joseph Kabila.


Sources say the ICGLR has already accepted a change in M23’s delegation in Kampala, with Rene Abandi being the team leader considering that Francoise Rucogoza was kicked out.

The new M23 President’s ability to unite the hostile factions of the rebel group following Runiga’s dismissal is also under test.

Some soldiers loyal to Runiga and his close ally, warlord Bosco Ntaganda, recently attacked Makenga’s base in Cyanzu apparently to assassinate the latter.

The assailants were defeated before fleeing to Virunga Mountains.

Runiga was overthrown on February 27 by M23 Military High Command chaired by Brig Makenga at Bunagana.

Runiga was accused of “financial embezzlement, division, ethnic hatred, deceit and political immaturity.”

Runiga was also faulted for “offering to outsiders to the Movement, namely general Bosco Ntaganda, the political leverage to influence decisions of the Movement at the highest level.”

He was further blamed for “diverting finances of the Movement to support obscure and prohibited activities such as recruitment of political and military leaders on behalf of General Bosco Ntaganda to whom he answers to thus enabling the General the opportunity to sow unrest and divisions,.”

M23 further cited the “inability of the concerned individual to define and provide general policy guidance to the different structures of the movement in order to ensure the required visibility and appropriate advocacy.”

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