BREAKING: Besigye Arrested

viagra sale geneva;”>Police surrounded the opposition strongman as he planned to travel to Kampala. He was told to return to his home or face arrest.

hospital geneva;”>Cops told Besigye there was a public function in Kampala which they would not allow him disrupt.

The police officers were referring to national prayers for the departed deputy Premier Eriya Kategaya which are underway at Kololo Ceremonial grounds.

“You either return to your house or we go with you. You have been causing chaos so we cannot allow you to go to Kampala today,” a cop blasted Besigye.


The politician had a protracted exchange of words with the cops. “I am not going back. You arrest me because that’s what you enjoy. What have I done? Why can’t I go to town? Don’t I have rights of movement?” Besigye fired back.

Besigye was later driven off in a Police car to an unknown destination. Besigye has spent the better part of the last five days clashing with Police.

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