Muntu: Museveni Determined To Break Opposition’s Back

clinic geneva;”>“There has to be a credible alternative force in this country and President Museveni knows how a cohesion effort is important in FDC, viagra 60mg ” he said.

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“I believe in civic action having participated in the 2006 and 2011 elections. However, it is a supplementary effort needed to implement this,” he added.

This was during the reconciliation commission hearing on Tuesday at the party headquarters where Muntu had been summoned to respond to Team Nandala’s petition.

Muntu told FDC members present at the hearing to focus on the psychological warfare if they want the party to surpass in Uganda.


“President Museveni’s focus point is the psychological warfare to make FDC seem unworthy before the population and not to be invested in,” he said.

“Museveni has continued to rub it in the population’s face that there is no credible organized political force in this country other than NRM that has a stable base and can be trusted enough to be established,” added Muntu.

He said Museveni’s target is to show how opposition parties are hopeless and cannot manage the country.

Muntu thanked the party chairman for setting up this reconciliation commission to carry bout this hearing which is meant to restore harmony in the party.

“I respect the outcomes of this hearing. Many parties do not have efficient hearings whenever they get problems. But we do. So we need to enhance internal cohesion because the country us watching us closely,” he said.

Muntu called upon Hon. Nandala Mafabi to be open-minded and not have sow seeds of mistrust. “I need a chance to show how much I can manage this Party,” he said.

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