Kenya Presidential Campaigns To Close

viagra dosage geneva;”>In a statement signed by the IEBC chairman Issack Hassan, about it the IEBC said, drugs “in exercise of the powers conferred by of the powers conferred by Section 2(1) (a), (b), (c) and 9 of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of Kenya, Article 90 of the Constitution, sections 34-37 of the Elections Act, 2011 as amended by The Elections (Amendment)(No.2) Act, 2012 and Regulations 54-56 of The Elections (General) Regulations, 2012, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission hereby publishes the formula in the schedule below that it is mandated to use in the allocation of the special seats envisaged under Articles 97(1)(c), 98(1)(b), (c) & (d), and 177(1)(b) & (c) of the Constitution, to respective political parties.”

The electoral commission further said that the constitution provides a platform for the sharing of the nominated slots that shall be given to the individual political parties taking part in the March 4 general election.

Under article 90 of the new constitution, Elections for the seats in Parliament provided for under Article 97(1) (c) which says ‘twelve members nominated by parliamentary political parties according to their proportion of members of the National Assembly in accordance with Article 90, to represent special interests including the youth, persons with disabilities and workers; and 98 (1) (b), (c) and (d), and for the members of county assemblies shall be on the basis of proportional representation by use of party lists.’

Article 90 also requires the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission be responsible for the conduct and supervision of elections for seats.


The IEBC shall ensure that each political party participating in a general election nominates and submits a list of all the persons who would stand elected if the party were to be entitled to all the seats within the time prescribed by national legislation;

The constitution also sets the standard for the people who stand a chance to the people being nominated to either National Assembly or county assemblies.

With an exception of the County assembly the nomination is expected to reflect regional and ethnic diversity.

In another press statement the IEBC gave guidelines on the March 4 elections. The electoral commission said that Official campaign ends today on Saturday 2nd March, at 6pm.

“Candidates and their supporters are warned its an election offence to campaign by directly soliciting for votes or by distributing or displaying campaign materials including branded vehicles, attires or give-aways thereafter,” said IEBC in a press statement on Saturday.

The commission has further said that it’s an electoral offense for people to be involved in buying or selling personal identification documents.

“ It is an offense to buy or offer to buy, sell or offer to sell a National ID or Passport for whatever reasons including denying the seller or buyer the right to vote in an election,” said the IEBC.

The commission farther says it’s an offence to intimidate or attempt to intimidate voters to vote or not to vote for any candidate or party, interrupting the normal flow of voting, counting or tallying of election results is an offence and to vote or attempt to vote more than once.

ya will decide on March 4 to elect 290 members of parliament and 47 senators to constitute the bicameral house of legislature and a presidential system of government where 8 people shall be on the ballot to be elected as a president and a deputy president.

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