Principle Judge: No Equality Before The Law In Uganda

viagra 60mg geneva;”>Justice Bamwiine noted the gap between the rich and the poor in terms of access to justice and legal services has continued to widen every other day.

“The lawyers we have today are only but business minded. Having spent a good fortune through their school training, they find it hard to be convinced that legal services are meant for charity; hence only the rich have the reserve to their services.” He said.

“They however forget that the rich and the poor are unanimously united under God their creator. I therefore implore and would like to remind my fellow practitioners of law, that when they devote their time to plead for the poor, it is the God that you are serving.”

Justice Bamwiine made these remarks while officiating at the marking of the 2nd annual Pro bono day at the Parliamentary grounds on Thursday.


The Pro bono project of Uganda is an initiative by the Uganda Law Society where all lawyers united under the umbrella organization convene in various parts of the country to offer free legal services to the poor and disadvantaged.

Netherlands ambassador to Uganda, one of the key supporters of the project Mr. Alphons J Hennekens said the Pro bono project was geared towards promoting equality in access to justice to poor Ugandans especially today in the wake of proliferation of land wrangles which in the long term hinder development programs.

Alphons said land cannot be used productively when it is being contested upon.

He added that pro bono intended to impart more interest in local legal representatives to appreciate the provision of legal services to the poor Ugandans.

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