UPC Blasts Museveni On Land Grabbing, Evictions

viagra 40mg geneva;”>UPC said Museveni’s threats to arrest the corrupt who are illegally evicting peasants from their land are “just the normal politics but not aimed at helping Ugandans.

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The party’s publicist Lucima Okello made the remarks during a weekly press briefing at UPC headquarters in Kampala on Wednesday.

Addressing the media at Rwakitura on Tuesday, Museveni said the country is facing the problem of “Bayaaye-minded, nouveau-rich, pseudo capitalists” who include corrupt local leaders, police and courts who take advantage of the ignorance of law that protects peasants to evict the latter.

Lucima said Museveni should know all the Bayaaye-minded (unscrupulous) individuals who grab people’s lands are precisely NRM cadres and State House NRM “boys and girls”.


Lucima did not substantiate his allegations.

He said the president should begin to fight with the NRM officials who have made it a habit illegally evicting and maliciously encroaching on people’s land.

Lucima said the government has always grabbed people’s land with reasons ranging from setting up investments and training the military without compensating rightful occupants of the land.

He said while the president condemns evictions and grabbing in the central region, his officials are busy grabbing land in the other parts of the country without any one stopping them.

“Museveni is playing different politics in different parts of the country; refusing evictions in one region and in the other protecting those who practice this evil.”

Museveni said all corrupt officials that have been effecting illegal evictions will have punitive actions taken against them.

“Anybody who maliciously or falsely tries to encroach on other peoples land will face tough action by the Government including prosecution and forcing him/her to compensate the victims of his /her malicious and illegal actions,” Museveni warned.

He also formed a committee to implement his directives. It will be led by State Minister for Lands Aidah Nantaba.

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