Police Summon Otunnu

information pills geneva;”>Otunnu made the controversial remarks during a press conference in Kampala on Jan. 16.

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CIID, in a letter to Otunnu, accuses the politician of “making defamatory statements prejudicial to the person of H.E President of the Republic of Uganda under CIID case number E/12/2013.”

“An inquiry is being connected in the above subject in respect of your statement at a press conference you convened at Uganda House on 16th January 2013 in which you referred to assassination of state opponents in the following words among others,” part of the letter reads in parts.

Otunnu reportedly said “Museveni project from the very beginning, its trial has been opened and advanced through violence, killing, assassination, blood dirty…and you must ask Museveni where are his closest colleagues from Fronasa days in Tanzania?”


He added: “Where is Ginyankolo? And he was a brilliant DP leader. Where is Lt Omongin. Before joining Fronasa he was the leader of UPC youth. Where is Mwesigwa – he joined Fronasa before the fall of Amin?”

The UPC firebrand further noted: “What happened to my dear friend Andrew Lutakome Kayiira? What happened to Paulo Muwanga? What happened to Ayume? What happened to Mayombo? It’s the long list. Museveni is being Museveni. Museveni has no change. And Museveni is doing what he has always done.”

According to CIID, Otunnu alleged “that was the significance of assassination of Hon Nebanda that it comes in a trail of blood dirty,” adding, “Assassination and killing which has paved a way for Museveni project and it has been the basis of retaining power.”

In the letter, Otunnu is directed: “You are therefore in accordance to the provision of section 27a of police act (as amended) required to report to d/asp Emmanuel Mbonimpa at the CIID headquarters, medi crimes depot on Thursday 28 February 2013 at 10:00am in that regard without fail.”

Addressing press in Kampala today, Otunnu said this is one “of Museveni’s tricks to keep me silent.”

He vowed not to step foot at CIID.

“And Police should never expect him to report there.”

The development is indicative of growing tensions between UPC and government. Museveni has in the past blasted “treacherous” elements of accusing him of killing his friends.

Otunnu said he was “law-abiding and ready for open court charges not Kiri Kiri arrangement at CIID.”

He concluded: “I am ready to testify against Museveni and I made the statement consciously. We will hold Museveni accountable in any court be it the International Criminal Court.”

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