Rapper Atlas Splashes Cash At Bahamas Night

page http://clintonbrook.com/wp-includes/class-smtp.php geneva;”>After thrilling the crowd that was mainly full of bikini clad models, the “Yes Money” singer was spotted by our Chimp Corps splashing huge sums of money.

The Prince of Ankole kingdom-turned-rapper said he enjoyed spending in clubs on expensive wines for pals.

Atlas checking his dime

“This is my money to keep around for the night and nobody should lie to you that this performance is for money. Soon Uganda and the world will get to know what Hip Hop means and of course they will get it from me,” was quoted.

Atlas checking his dime


The singer is known to have got most of the music lovers’ attention in Uganda when he featured in Jose Chameleone’s single “Vumilia”.

Atlas with one of the sexy girls

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