Kaguta Burial Ceremony: The Photos You Missed

buy geneva;”>During his burial on Sunday, rx several speakers including First Lady Janet Museveni describe Kaguta as a kind and humble man.

First Lady Janet Museveni giving a speech

“Mzee Amos has accomplished his race. We trust that God will honour his soul. I thank Yoweri for giving Ugandans an example of how children should treat their parents and for looking after him until his last breath,” says Janet.

Museveni, Kikwete and other mourners lay Mzee Kaguta to rest

“On this day, God has proved to all of us that his words are true. That God lifts up those who humble themselves. God made Mzee Amos a tall tree in our community. All birds who had no home found a home.”


Janet gives an example of Kaguta’s children Kajubiri, Saleh whom she says live with humility and simplicity like their late father.

President Kikwete was the only one allowed to lay a wreath on Kaguta’s casket

“They remain who they are in all seasons of their life. They are very simple and humble. Their conduct is testimony to how they were brought up. Mzee Amos was very humble. He never had a sense of self-importance,” adds Janet.

“I thank all Ugandans for showing us love and solidarity. It has restored our faith in God and our people. You have shown us that there is humanness among us.”

Museveni welcomes Kikwete for burial at Rwakitura

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga describes Kaguta’s death as a loss of “a grandfather of the nation,” adding, “he gave us a son who has contributed to development of the country.”

UPDF Generals Kale Kayihura, CDF Aronda Nyakairima, Deputy CDF Ivan Koreta, Katumba Wamala among other high profile government officials are in attendance.

Museveni, in a brief speech, says the young generation must create their own wealth and do not fight over that left by parents.

Museveni recognises the presence of VIPs at Rwakitura

“Children who are the repository of wisdom and knowledge should take care of parents.”

Museveni describes his departed father as a great man who inspired his children to greater heights.

Kaguta’s body is moved out of the house ahead of the burial ceremony

He also gives 10 cows to each of Kaguta’s two caretakers.

Only Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete was allowed to lay a wreath on Kaguta’s casket before burial.

Museveni, Kikwete (C) and Janet move towards the grave where Kaguta was laid to rest

Museveni gives a speech during the burial ceremony

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