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Uganda Struggles To Combat Cyber Crime

see click geneva;”>“Cyber crime is on the increase, hence the need for capacity building to ensure that law enforcement officers and financial institutions are in position to detect and protect vulnerable institutions” said Mustapha B. Mugisa, an anti-fraud expert on Tuesday.

He further reiterated the need to educate Ugandan authorities in cyber crimes locally as it proves to be very expensive to train from abroad.

“Cyber crime doesn’t need the use of a gun to fight it, but skills which need a lot of training.”

Last year, Bulgarians broke were arrested by Police as they stole customers’ deposits from several commercial banks in Kampala using sophisticated software and forged ATM cards.


The course facilitator Mr. Charles Watathi is to take the participants through a number of modules some of which include; ethical hacking, data base management, networks and networking among others.

The course is being conducted by Eacademy, an institution specialized in cyber-related security by training officers to be in position to combat the vice.

Recently, criminal investigations officers were taken through a three day workshop on payment card fraud at police forensics laboratory in Naguru.

Speaking at an ICT conference last year, Premier Amama Mbabazi said government would partner with the private sector, civil society and development partners to uphold information security systems and curb the rise in cyber attacks.

The Premier acknowledged that if government hesitated in expeditiously embracing national security programs, the country would be subjected to attacks by criminals thus leading to cyber warfare and terrorism.

Citing the Wikileaks saga in which tens of thousands of US government’s confidential cables were leaked, Mbabazi said government would take radical steps such as sharing information with “international law enforcement agencies to secure critical information infrastructure.”

Other measures would include facilitation of data protection mechanisms, enforcing Computer Misuse Act, enacting more laws, training highly skilled personnel in ICT, massive awareness campaigns and taking initiatives to help in building capacity to deal with ICT risks.

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