CECAFA’s Nicolas Musonye Irked By Eritrean Refugees

search geneva;”>“Let us go around our region to play and develop football instead of hiding in football and yet some people have their agendas of seeking asylum in other countries, viagra order ” Musonye bitterly told reporters in Nairobi.

Uganda’s Commissioner for Refugees in the Office of the Prime Minister, Apollo David Kazungu last week after the Refugee Eligibility Committee found their claims valid granted 17 members of the Eritrean football team that after elimination from the Kampala 2012 Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup edition vanished and refused to return to Asmara citing insurgency back home.

Nicholas Musonye added it’s around time an iron-hand be used on Cecafa member countries suspicious of their players disappearing when they go for tournaments because the secretariat is aware that some FA officials sometimes plan those disappearing acts with players.

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