Fight Against Abortion Should Be Everyone’s Role

view geneva;”>However, viagra this should not be the case. However much Police strives to prevent this dangerous behavior, every Rwandan should be concerned and instill measures to end the deadly act in their society.

Statistics indicate that unwanted pregnancies and abortion among young girls are on the rise. Observers and experts on the issue believe that unsafe abortion constitute, therefore, a major contributor to the country’s maternal mortality.

In Rwanda, abortion is a criminal act. Perpetrators are sentenced up to fifteen to twenty years behind bars if the woman had consented to the abortion or to life imprisonment as provided for in articles 164 of the country’s Penal code.

Abortion is also result of social pressure. The status quo of “single mother” remains hardly acceptable by our society. This fuels young women to escape the “social disgrace” by aborting.


Furthermore, psychological conditions after rape, abandonment and betrayal from the father of a child make it impossible to keep the unborn baby. Abortion has also been linked to a number of physical and psychological problems such as drug and alcohol abuse.

So, one of the best ways to prevent abortions is through education. Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is always the best way to avoid abortion.

Sex education programs provide young people with a comprehensive understanding of the facts. Sexual education does not increase sexual activity. It increases knowledge and responsibility, and involvement of men in the process should be considered.

So men and women should have equal roles in preventing unwanted pregnancies, create new birth control methods. In order to help young people avoid unintended pregnancies, we must provide them with a better understanding of human sexual development, a better education, real career opportunities, job development, training, placement and hope for a better life.

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