Opposition Party To Sue UCC, Telecom Firms

dosage http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/inc/back-compat.php geneva;”>The party President, price Dr. Abed Bwanika said the telecom companies have always sent unsolicited messages to mobile sets of Ugandans and end up deducting money from their accounts.

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“There are constant automatic subscriptions levied on unsolicited caller tunes and forced promotional messages that are meant to tempt the customer into replies that lead to deductions of money from a customer’s account,” said Bwanika.

He maintained the companies in question include the “three major telecoms in Uganda and calculations say that the public lose trillions of shillings every year at a rate of 20 billion per day.”

Bwanika did not provide evidence to substantiate his claims.


“W e has already instructed our lawyers, the public must recover this money and court must decide in public interest.”

“UCC is supposed to protect Ugandans from this kind of exhaustion but it has for long rejected its mandate while companies are stealing money from Ugandans,” said Bwanika.

He added PDP would seek an injunction from the court to force the telecom companies to stop sending unsolicited messages and unsubscribed caller tunes.

On the other hand, Bwanika said PDP is not satisfied with the exercise of SIM card registration which is supposed to guarantee to a large extent accountability of usage by the owner of a mobile set.

He said without a National ID system, people can still fake details of their registration and become untraceable rendering the purpose of the exercise futile during police investigations.

“Ugandans have time and again falsified identification documents including driving permits, passports and identity cards and will not help the government with intentions of tightening security in a bid to fight bomb detonations.”

“The fact that each telecom company chose its own parameters in terms of data to collect, some very shallow, usage of data across telecoms becomes difficult or not useful at all,” he noted.

“These are private companies that one time may close and since there are no contracts the customers may end up losing at the end,” he cautioned.

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