The Trials Of A Mobile Kampala Manicurist

ed http://cfsk.org/wp-content/plugins/liveforms/libs/payment.class.php geneva;”>As people are too busy to find time to go to the salon, http://charadas.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/carousel.php 17-year-old Ronald Rwahame, http://comeandcheck.it/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/inc/widgets.php a manicurist in Nateete makes it easy for them by bringing the salon to their work place.

He moves around streets, arcades and shops looking for customers, and of course just a call away from work station or home.

Our Chimp Corp happened to be one of Rwahame’s customers and had a one on one with him on how he got to start this kind of job and how much he earns from it.

Rwahame said his job is not the kind where one sits in one work station and looks forward to serving customers.


By 8:00am he is already wandering from one street to the next in pursuit of customers with a plastic basket full of nail polish, files and glue.

Rwahame, who started this job in 2010, revealed that his failure to go to school made him opt for this kind of job.

“I did not go to school because my parents died when I was just four years old and I was taken to stay with grandmother who could not afford taking me to school.”

“When he grew up, I decided to come to Kampala to look for money. With the help of John Sandy whom I befriended when I just reached in town, I started the business of cutting nails,” he added.

He revealed that he started living with Sandy in Busega where they rent a house of shs 20,000 per month and he would train him on how to cut nails and apply nail polish. Now Ronald shares a room with Sandy and pays half rent.

Rwahame said he normally charges shs2, 000 for cutting and polishing nails, and shs5,000 if a customer wants artificial nails attached.

At the end of the day he earns about shs15,000 but on days when business is good he can get shs18,000. He also pays shs5,000 to his boss every day, uses shs5,000 for lunch and supper and then saves shs5,000. At the end of the month he has about shs150, 000.

This 17 year old has customers in different areas including Busega, Nateete and Lubaga. “Some of the customers call me whenever they need polish on their nails,’’ he said.

Our Chimp Corp later interviewed a few of Rwahame’s customers about their decision of preferring mobile manicurists to those in salons. Stella Birungi, one of his customers in Lubaga, said she finds it a bit cheaper if her nails are vanished at the street for just shs2,000 than to go to a salon where she can be charged thrice that amount.

She said there is no remarkable difference at the end of the day if they have used the same polish like red or blue.

Rose Mwaka a shop attendant in Town said it’s convenient because these boys come wherever you need them. “I simply sit in my shop and continue with work while they work on my fingers and feet.’’

Rwahame said he has managed to pay for his rent ever since he came to Kampala and even sends money to the village every end of the month to look after his siblings and his grandmother.

He, however, observers he faces problems including customers who abuse him whenever he fails to do the manicure the way they like it or if you hurt one in the process of cutting the nails.

He added that some of the customers do not pay him when they are not satisfied with his works. He adds smelly feet are such a turn off.

Steps of a Good Manicure and Pedicure

Ronnie Ssentongo, an expert from Ronnie’s Unisex salon in Textiles Arcade in Kampala recommended steps for carrying out a good manicure.

With experience of eight years in this kind of business, Ssentongo attends to over ten customers a day a proof that he is good at what he does. These are the tips he revealed on how to carry out a good manicure.

Apply a nail polish remover on your hands nails and feet if you have old polish on them so as to remove all the traces.

Soak your hands or feet in warm water until your fingers and feet start to prune.

Then dry your hands or feet thoroughly well with a clean towel.

Moisturize your hands or feet and push the cuticles back with a cuticle pusher.

Wipe any excess moisturizer off the surface of the nail.

Take your white crayon and whiten your tips by coloring them in on the back of the free edge of the nail.

Now you start to apply a polish but if you have thin nails, you may use ridge filler at this moment. Apply this coat and wait until it is dry and then paint a thin layer of base coat and allow it to dry.

Here comes the difficult part of applying color. In painting your nails three strokes are enough and after painting resist trying to touch the nails to avoid destroying it.

Allow the color to completely dry, if you get polish on to your fingers you can use a cotton bud dipped in a nail polish remover to clean them up.

Finally, finish off with a top coat and do not attempt to do anything with your hands for the next 30 minutes to avoid destroying it.

Those are the most important steps of manicure and pedicure according to Ssentongo, an expert.

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