Life Testimony: I Sell Charcoal To Take Care Of My Children

find geneva;”>Robinah Nagadya Ssazi 38 years started her business of charcoal selling in 2003 with only two sacks which were by then costing Shs.25, healing 000.

what is ed geneva;”> Nagadya gets charcoal from Kiboga where she spends a month preparing before she brings it to town for selling.

She added that she spends two days on the way from Kiboga to Kampala with a truck full of charcoal.

She sells around two sacks a day and also sells in small cans which go for Shs.1, 000 each. At the end of the day, she earns shs.100, 000 which mounts to Shs.3, 000,000 a month.

“I have managed to construct a house for my mother in the village and pay school fees for my two girls who are at Light College Bulenga and also building commercial houses in Buloba-Mityana road.”


However some customers always fail to pay for the charcoal once taken on debts and this put my business on halt.

There is a lot competition from other business operators and people always consider me to be a dirty woman because am ever in dirty clothes due to the nature of the job.

“Am looking forward to buying another plot of land and add on my commercial houses where I hope to be earn rent.

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