Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation Piles Pressure On Museveni

page geneva; font-size: small;”>UPC Vice President, search Joseph Bossa, viagra approved called upon all the African leaders to learn lessons from Pope Benedict XVI’s retirement which will help to breathe new life into the leadership of the Vatican.

Bossa said given the strong system in Vatican that could protect the Pope no matter his infirmity – physically and mentally, he took a right decision to retire.

“It takes a man of integrity and courage to leave office and acknowledging that you are no longer satisfying the office you are holding.”

The African leaders should learn that it’s not the length of service that determines a leader’s legacy but the quality of service.


He added that Pope Benedict XVI joins South Africa’s Nelson Mandela in showing the world that the well-being of the church or the state is more important than an individual holding office.

“African leaders are tempted to believe that they are more important than the growth of the state and think that without them in power, the state is bound to collapse,” said Bbossa during the political organisation’s weekly press conference in Kampala on Wednesday.

“This has been evident where African Leaders are always asking for more time to professionalize the Army to exploit the thinking that this can’t be done by any other leader in the country.”

He emphasized this is the time for the African leaders to adopt a system in which the departure of an individual will not affect the well-being of the state and avoid just building up strong men.

Pope Benedict early this week surprised the world when he announced his resignation which will be effected on February 28.

The Pope said he no longer had the mental and physical strength to cope with the demands of his ministry.

Speaking to BBC on Monday, President Museveni said he was too experienced to step down.

He maintained his accumulated knowledge from different spheres of life were beneficial to the nation.

Museveni has been in power since 1986.

UPC now joins Democratic Party in pressuring Museveni to quit.

DP Acting Publicity Secretary, Kenneth Paul Kakande on Tuesday called upon Museveni to emulate Pope Benedict XVI by resigning.

Kakande said the Pope’s decision to quit the leadership of the Catholic Church due to advanced age should be an inspiration for the head of state to do the “needful.”

He said it was very evident that “once one becomes old, the best thing to do is resign from leadership.”

“The Presidency of the country has a lot of demands and Museveni is growing too old to handle them,” said Kakande.

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