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Man Tortures Son Over Shs10, 000

information pills geneva;”>He is accused of beating up his 8-year-old son Robert Sekyanzi to almost death point after realizing that his shs10, illness 000 was missing from the house.

He suspected his son to have stolen the money.

Sekyanzi remains in critical; condition at a health facility in Nsangi.

It was the neighbor who realized that Lukyamuzi was on the verge of killing his son thus reporting to Nabbingo Police Station.

A detective only identified as Tashobya, said Police will charge the suspect with abuse of children’s rights.

Robert Sekyanzi with the Nabbingo Police Station O.C, Tashobya

Meanwhile, Nsangi residents led by their LC 1 Chairman, Solomon Kanyike, have decided to take strong measures against Lukyamuzi for the crime committed by dismissing him from their village.

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