Bwanika: Single Sex Schools Should Be Abolished

website like this http://cfsk.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-jitm.php geneva;”>He said single-sex schools have become the main centre of homosexuality and the promoters find it easy to target them.

viagra geneva;”>Bwanika said research shows that the majority of single sex schools in the country are involved in homosexual activities of which most of them are religious based.

viagra 40mg geneva;”>“Our exchanges with old students from these schools reveal that many of them find it difficult to drop homosexual activities even after joining tertiary education,” he said.

He added that there are more marriage failures from couples out of single schools than mixed and this is attributed to lack of social interactions in the early development of these students.

Parents believe that if they take their students to all-boys or all-girls schools they will receive a better education that is more targeted towards their child’s gender without the distractions of the opposite sex.

However research argues that single sex schools are often seen as successful not because the children actually improve their academic performance, but because they are already academically better.

Bwanika has therefore called upon the Ministry to sanction a study into the performance of students in the mixed and single sex schools and use the report as a guiding tool on whether we need single sex schools.

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