Government To Promote “Baker’s View” Of Lake Albert

information pills geneva;”>This is the spot where Sir Samuel Baker stood nearly 150 years ago as he viewed Lake Albert for the first time.

ask geneva;”>“Ministry of Tourism, Uganda Wild Life Authority as well as other players in the tourism sector will work together to develop the Baker’s view of lake Albert as a new tourist attraction and ensure that it is included in the itineraries of tourists coming to Uganda,” she added.

While addressing journalists on Friday at Uganda Media Centre, the minister called upon Ugandans to appreciate the tourism industry in the country and help in boosting it up.

Mutagamba said there are still low levels of domestic tourism in the country and this should be upon every individual to ensure that the tourist level increases because it is the foreign income earner in the country.

Although many Ugandans argue that several local people had already seen this lake for years and even carried out fishing in it before Sir Samuel Baker, the Ministry recognizes the fact that this lake received international prominence and recognition after Baker saw it and reported his findings to Royal Geographical Society.

The Expedition Leader, Julian Monroe Fisher who was present at the press briefing said, based on the research conducted by The Rail Riders 2012-16 Great African Expedition in conjunction with Mr. David Baker, believes that they have located within the geographical territory of Uganda the exact location where Sir Samuel in 1864 stood to name Lake Albert.

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