INTERVIEW: Rwanda’s Knowless Vows To Rock Kampala

approved http://ccrail.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/_inc/footer.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%; text-align: justify;”>The gorgeous, hospital http://dejanmilutinovic.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php tall and light-skinned singer whose music is rocking the East African region, seek jetted in at 23:00 hrs via RwandAir. She was flanked by her Manager, Clement.

Chimp Corp Brian Kwesiga was at Entebbe International Airport where he had a chat with the singer ahead of her gig due tomorrow.

CR: How does it feel being in Kampala?

Knowless: I am doing well and I feel ok to be in Uganda. I am almost like a Ugandan, it is also my home.

CR: Who is Knowless?

Knowless: My real name is Jane Ingabire Butera but most people call me Knowless because it is my stage name. I am 22 years old; I sing RnB music and I am based in Kigali, Rwanda. I am humble, polite and I respect people regardless of their capacities.

CR: When did you start singing and who inspired you to sing?

Knowless: I started singing when I was 10 years old. By then I was in a church choir with my mum.


My mum is the one who inspired me to sing because I used to see her singing.

CR: How many albums do you have?

Knowless: I have two albums. The first one is called Komeza which means “to continue.” It has 12 songs and the second one is called Nzabampari which means I will be there and it has ten songs. My first studio song is called Nyumva meaning “listen to me.”

The Rwandan RnB singer Knowless

CR: How would you describe the Rwandan music industry?

Knowless: What I can say is that the industry in Rwanda is growing at a higher rate; the musicians have talent, young and determined.

There is competition among musicians which is a sign that the industry is growing.

I even have a concert in Kigali next week.

CR: Why is it that most of your songs rotate around the love theme? What inspires you to sing about love?

Knowless: It is not that I sing about love only, but what I can say is that God is love and love is something good that every one experiences. So if I sing about love, I will be reaching everyone’s heart. I also have traditional songs.

Knowless (in yellow top) pauses for a photo with the Club Rouge team

CR: What’s your assessment of the Ugandan music industry?

Knowless: I don’t know much about the Ugandan music industry but what I can say is there is a lot of unprofessionalism in the industry because the top musicians abuse each other which is not good. But I like Ugandan music. It is good.

CR: Which musicians from Uganda would you like to be on stage with?

Knowless: In Uganda, I like Juliana Kanyomozi, Jose Chameleone and Vampos. But I like Juliana most because she has a nice voice and she sings very well. I like her music.

Knowless and the Rouge team at Entebbe International Air Port

CR: Do you have any collabos with Ugandan artistes?

Knowless: I have a collabo with Vampos. We did it in March last year and the title of the song is called Byemere. I am in studio with Jose Chameleone and the song will be out soon. The producer is Paddy Man.

CR: Who is your role model?

Knowless: My role model is a musician from Rwanda, she is called Sesire Kayirebwa. Her music is nice and inspirational. I also like Brandy.

CR: You are so beautiful; do you have a boyfriend?

Knowless: Really! Thanks for appreciating my beauty. Yes, I have a boy friend and I prefer not to mention his name.

Singer Knowless shows that she is happy to be in Uganda

CR: Apart from singing, what else do you do?

Knowless: I am a student at Université Libre de Kigali. I am in third year pursuing a degree in Computer Science.

CR: What should your fans expect come this Saturday at Club Rouge?

Knowless: The truth is that I will not disappoint them. I will give my best and am ready.

I encourage all my fans to come and support me. I will not disappoint them.

Knowless and her Manager Clement

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