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UPDF Recover Kony’s Hidden Ivory

price http://deltadiner.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/email-styles.php geneva;”>The reports come against the backdrop of accusations the army was involved in poaching of elephants for economic benefit.

According to army publicist, Col Felix Kulayigye, UPDF tracking teams based in Djema, CAR, discovered a small cache of elephant tusks on February 7 in the ongoing counter-Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) efforts.

“These tusks, believed to have been hidden by the LRA, were located in a remote area of the bush to the north of Djema, CAR,” said Kulayigye.

“The UPDF conducted the tracking mission in northern CAR two days ago based on a tip off received from a male LRA defector, who reported that the LRA maintained caches of ivory elephant tusks and indicated the approximate location.”

Kulayigye said the UPDF tracking team secured the cache and contacted U.S. military advisors for assistance.

“A U.S. Embassy Bangui representative contacted officials at the CAR Ministry of Forests and Water, who indicated that the Ministry was unable to reach the remote location to secure the tusks,” said the publicist.


He added: “In response to UPDF request for assistance, to which the U.S. military representatives responded and secured, documented and photographed the tusks, and brought the tusks back to the nearest CAR law enforcement officials in Djema.”

The UPDF special intelligence squads have been hunting for Joseph Kony since 2009 after majority of his men were sent into disarray following blistering air raids by UPDF warplanes in Garamba.

Kony is suspected to be hiding in CAR. Most of his commanders and followers have since been captured and others killed.

Kulayigye said “together with our U.S. allies are now in contact with CAR officials to fully account for, and dispose of, the tusks in accordance with international law and treaty obligations.”

He also blasted “some so-called researchers” who “had accused the disciplined UPDF of poaching, yet back home we are well known conservationists.”

He saluted the US soldiers for their support and cooperation in dealing with the LRA criminals.

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