Besigye: Mutiny Possible In The Army

order geneva;”> “We should not be concerned about those who are talking like Gen David Tinyefuza (Sejusa) or Brig Henry Tumukunde. We should get worried by those in the army who are not talking, health ” said Besigye.

order geneva;”>The retired Colonel made the spine-tingling remarks on Kfm radio while appearing on the Hot Seat political talk show on Tuesday night.

“They are so many army officials who are silent. They are so frustrated with the way the army is being run. A mutiny is possible,” he added.

Besigye was responding to a question from the talk show host, Charles Mwanguhya on whether the UPDF could topple Museveni as earlier stated by Chief of Defence Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima and Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga.

“If it’s going to happen (coup) it will be done by frustrated soldiers in army. For example Brig Tumukunde is very much frustrated that’s why he said he doesn’t care even if he is taken to Luzira, because he has spent over seven years being tried,” said Besigye to justify his allegations of frustration in UPDF.

“The comments of Tinyefuza can’t be taken seriously but the soldiers who can take on the government are the ones who are not senior but are frustrated,” said the FDC strongman who has thrice challenged Museveni’s presidency in vain.

Besigye has lately stepped up rhetoric on the alleged troubles faced by the army.

Just a week ago, the Rukungiri-born politician said Special Forces Group (SFG) commander and First Son, Brig Muhoozi Keinerugaba was irregularly recruited into the army.


President Museveni responded in a letter to the media on Wednesday, accusing Besigye of peddling lies.

“Muhoozi was not irregularly recruited. When he was still in his A’ level holiday, he asked to bring along some of his school friends for elementary military training,” said Museveni.

The President added: “I was very happy to see him pick up interest in the work of the Army, after all, he was born in the Army and grew up in the Army. While much of our Army work was clandestine and in the bush, whenever opportunity presented itself, my children would live with the Army (e.g. 1979 – 81 and 1986 to-date).”

“If a child picks interest in Army work because of those surroundings or for any other reason, patriots can only be very happy. Youths, who join the Army not as a means of living but because of patriotic ideological interest in the Army, are a Godsend to that Army.”

Meanwhile, during the talk show, Besigye said the rigging of the elections by the NRM started during preparations for the Constituent Assembly that put in place the 1995 Constitution.

The FDC ironman said NRA sent some members and resources to identify people in different areas of Uganda to form the Constituent Assembly.

“Serwanga Lwanga (RIP) called me and said they have been in Rwakitura and have agreed on whom to support in the constitution making. That led some of us to rebel and in the end it led to the starting of NRM caucus .But we were later summoned by the NRA High Command and told to shut up.”

Besigye used the platform to encourage Ugandans to “forge a way to throw out this military government of which is not easy because it’s determined to do anything to keep Museveni in power.”

He further noted that “it should be a popular uprising like the one that happened in Tunisia,” adding, “Political parties can’t do it because they are working in the setting that was put in place by the government.”

Asked when his so-called “Tsunami” would rock the nation as he promised almost a decade ago, Besigye observed: “A Tsunami can’t happen in one or two days but it will happen after some time because people are frustrated and the anger is building up.”

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