My Story: Earning A Living From Shoe Shinning

approved geneva;”>Some even despise jobs offering around Shs 360, visit web 000 per month waiting for the ones that offer millions. However, this site many people are earning a better living from shoe shining and repairing. These are commonly found on the streets of Kampala seated and busy polishing people’s shoes most especially in the morning hours.

Our Chimp Corp interviewed a number of shoe shiners on the streets of Kampala who testified on how shoe shinning has changing their lives.

Isa Kagimu a shoe shiner in the old taxi park who has been doing this business since 1997 talked to our reporter on how much he earns his achievements and the problems he faces in this kind of job.

He said he charges shs500 for polishing a shoe, shs500 for washing and between shs500 and shs1000 for repairing. He added that when there is inflation in the country he is forced to increase these prices because normally a shoe polish is at shs3000 but when inflation is high it goes for shs3500.

Kagimu said that during the rainy season or when it rains, he makes a lot of money because that’s when more people bring their shoes for polishing and washing.

He revealed that every day he gets at least shs20,000 and if you remove breakfast of shs2,000, lunch of shs3,000, shs1,000 for KCCA and then transport to Bwaise where he resides, he ends up with shs12,000 which is shs36,000 at the end of the month.

Kagimu narrated that, “I finished my studies in lower primary and never sat four Primary Living Examinations due to the instabilities that were in the country at that time.” He said that even after that, he did not get a chance to go on with his studies which made him resort to shoe shinning as a source of income.

Personal benefits


Kagimu said shoe shining has uplifted his standards of living. He added that he has constructed a house in Bwaise where he stays with his three children and a wife. He also pays school fees for his children in good schools. He has a son at Ndejje University pursuing a diploma in Education and he pays Shs400,000 per semester. The other two who are in secondary are being paid for by his brother.

Like any other job Kagimu also faces problems on his job like debtors who do not want to pay for his services, a lot of competition from other shoe shiners in this park and theft. “Sometimes they steal my customer’s shoes of which I have to pay for,” said Kagimu.

So some of you the youths who are despising jobs, be encouraged to invest just little money in such a business and earn a lot.

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