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KENYA DECIDES 2013: Uhuru Kenyatta Welcomes Obama’s Message On Violence

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Kenyatta said Kenyans will make the decision on who among them shall lead the nation, arguing no state has so far said it would not work with them should they win the polls.

As the campaign trail intensifies, several political leaders have urged the electorate not to vote the duo to the country’s top leadership, insisting they the ICC cases will see Kenya being isolated on the international scene.

Kenyatta said the Jubilee campaigns will shun discussing individuals and move issue-oriented politics.

Ruto said there was no formal message from any country saying they won’t work with them if they are elected to lead Kenya.

President Obama sent a video message in English and Kiswahili calling for peace and tranquility before and after the March 4 general elections, saying the US government will not endorse any candidate but was keen on seeing a free, fair democratic and peaceful election reflecting the will of the people of Kenya.


The US president called on those who are not satisfied with the results to use avenues of justice rather than taking to the streets as witnessed in 2007 disputed presidential elections.

“This election can be another milestone toward a truly democratic Kenya defined by the rule of law and strong institutions. If you take that step, and reject a path of violence and division, then Kenya can move forward towards prosperity and opportunity that unleashes the extraordinary talents of your people – especially young people.”

Obama added: “If you continue to move forward, you can build a just Kenya that rejects corruption, and respects the rights and dignity of all Kenyans.”

President Obama said “this is a moment for the people of Kenya to come together, instead of tearing apart,” adding Kenyans should count on the United States as “a strong friend and partner.”

Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto are expected to attend the status conference at the ICC based court in Hague on February 14 either in person or via a video link in preparation for the April 10 and 11 trials at the Court.

Kenya decides on March 4.

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