KCCA Finally Opens USAFI Market

adiposity geneva;”>These traders were happy identifying their stalls in the fully constructed market on Monday and over one thousand people managed to get stalls.

check geneva;”>USAFI Market sits on a 5,000 acre land and contains numbered stalls to help in identification especially to those traders who registered with KCCA. Every trader has an identity card with a number of his or her stall.

To Work from the market, one is required to pay a fee of Shs 120,000 for land lord, Shs 12,000 for uniform, Shs 20,000 for identity cards and Shs 6,500 for KCCA per month. Many people started working yesterday especially the fruit traders selling fruits like pineapples, mangoes, sweet bananas among others.

Public Relations Officer KCCA, Muhammed Ssegwanyi, who was present at the opening of the market, said that the market has been opened to help vendors perform their duties and earn a living. He said that only vendors who paid in December last year are the one who have managed to start work now but those who paid later will begin in April 2013 because KCCA is still extending the market to other areas to accommodate more vendors.

As much as many traders were happy, a few were not like one Yusuf Ssenyonjo who said that they way in which the stalls are constructed does not fit them (traders) who sell shoes. Henry Kambaga a pineapple seller added that the wooden stalls are not good because they can easily catch fire since the market has no fire extinguishers.

Meanwhile others shown dissatisfaction comparing what was constructed by KCCA to how much they paid.

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