Special Forces: “Besigye Never Attended Any Course, Not Even Cadet”

approved geneva;”>Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Ibin Idi Ssenkumbi, told Chimpreports on Monday in Kampala the suspects had fraudulently obtained over sh200m from innocent people, promising to sell them different vehicles from the Works Ministry.

“They would get money from people claiming they would sell them vehicles cheaply. Instead they would disappear after getting the money.”

The suspects have been identified as Rodgers Niwagira, a resident of Nansana and Alex Lwakitara also known as Enock Tumutende, a teacher at Zion Schools in Nansana.

Ssenkumbi said Police intervened after receiving five complaints of being conned by the same individuals.

He said the suspects would be charged with obtaining money by false pretense, impersonation and conspiracy to commit felon.


visit this site geneva;”>Besigye last week told a daily in Kampala in an interview under the headline The NRM is a shame to the bush war heroes that the SFG Commander, viagra 100mg Brigadier Muhoozi Keinerugaba, was illegally recruited into the army.

He further stated Muhoozi recruited people into the UPDF under the guise of LDU.

The retired colonel did not hesitate to add that some officers are being “fought,” “frustrated” and “marginalized” within the army.

“Otherwise the Muhoozi [Kainerugaba] army cannot take over from Museveni and the main army, the main Force of the UPDF, is controlled by Muhoozi under the so called Special Forces,” Besigye responded to a question on whether the UPDF can overthrow government.

SFG spokesman Capt. Edson Kwesiga on Monday dismissed Besigye’s claims, saying the opposition ironman is hell bent on “misleading” the public.

“To the best of my knowledge, the retired colonel was still in active service and a leader at a strategic level and he well knew and still knows that no single individual has the capacity to recruit into the main stream army,” Kwesiga told Chimpreports news desk.

“The truth was and still is that the Brigadier is looked at by his peers as the role model. So when he was approached by the peers on how they could join UPDF, He would give them information that was known to him.”

Kwesiga said “giving information and direction” did not however mean that Muhoozi was recruiting illegally into UPDF.

“For the record, what the retired colonel calls illegal recruitment is cadet intake five which has greatly contributed to the professionalization and transformation the force,” he added.

According to the spokesman of the elite force that protects the President and first family, Muhoozi was enlisted in August 1999, sent to Sandhurst for cadet training and on completion, he was awarded a Second Lieutenant rank and not a full lieutenant, “which is the norm in forces world over and if the retired colonel underwent any military training, then he should be having this information.”

The SFG response is evidence that Besigye’s allegations have not gone down well with Muhoozi.

“As far as ‘Special Forces’ being created for Brigadier Muhoozi and controlling the CDF, Besigye is just exposing his lack of knowledge about the military that he once served or he is doing it on purpose to mislead the readers,” said Kwesiga.

He gave an example of a Special Force in the UNLA commanded by Col Ogole.

“Besigye would have known that if he was involved in fighting but of course he wasn’t,” maintained Kwesiga.

“Secondly, anyone who has done the most basic of military courses would know that a Brigadier does not control a full General, but of course Besigye never attended any course. Not even cadet.”

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